Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️ I'm Sammi, the creator of Star Jasmine Studio. 


I graduated University in 2014 with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion, & have over 10 years experience sewing both as a hobby and a career. I can usually be found with a tape measure around my neck and loose threads stuck all over my clothes.

I was inspired to create Star Jasmine Studio after designing & making some bridesmaid dresses as a personal favour to a friend. She came to me looking for help - high street shops had a limited choice of suitable dresses; and when she found a style she liked, it was unavailable in all of the sizes she needed. Custom dresses were out of the question, as they were too expensive. It occurred to me that other brides must experience the same problems, and I hope Star Jasmine Studio will be the solution. 


OUR MISSION: Handmade, Affordable Designs, For Every Body.

Is there even such a thing as "standard sizing"? We've all been there, tried on one size in a shop and gone to the next shop only to find we need 4 sizes bigger. It's confusing & it's frustrating, when you're buying for other people, the complication increases. That's why everything is cut & made to custom measurements. 

Every order placed is handmade. All our photos are real photos taken in our studio from a real sample. The only editing I do is colour changing - this is to give an idea as to what each item will look like in all of our range of colours, without me having to make one of everything in every colour. But for the best colour match, I always recommend ordering fabric samples! 

We aim to produce our products as eco-consciously as possible. By making products to-order, there is zero waste from unsold stock. We order fabrics from UK suppliers using carbon neutral delivery from DPD. 

By shopping with us, you can support a small business, & get some dresses you love in the process 💕
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